Main activities


Our main activities are cement manufacturing and production of ready mix concrete. We are able to provide global solutions for our clients in the field of construction materials. 

Grey Cement

Grey cement is manufactured in compliance with the Lebanese Standard, NL 53:1999 and is distributed in the market to wholesalers, retailers, contractors, masons, ready mix concrete producers and concrete product manufacturers. We implement our global policy through the ISO 9001 certification for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental management.

Holcim Lebanon operates modern manufacturing and control equipment to produce a wide range of products in bags and bulk. 

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White Cement

Holcim Lebanon operates a white cement plant through its subsidiary "Société Libanaise des Ciments Blancs s.a.l. (SLCB), the only producer of white cement in Lebanon. Prodution of SLCB is able to meet the needs of the Lebanese market while exporting to Middle Eastern countries. White cement is mainly used to create unique architectural designs. 

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A masonry product especially formulated to provide excellent workability, high bond strength and reduced cracking. These qualities make easier and faster the application of mortar on all types of support as well as a pleasing final aesthetic appearance. Mastereen provides an excellent quality to mortar and contributes to reduce the final cost of masonry works.

Compared to general use cement, Mastereen ensures 8% to 12% more area coverage as well as 7% to 11% time saving. Thanks to its special formulation, Mastereen is an environmental friendly product.

Ready Mix Concrete

Holcim Béton develops ready mix concrete products and services through ready mix plants located in Nahr El Mott, Kfarchima and Chekka. 

Holcim Béton produces ready mix concrete designed for use in a variety of applications and in compliance with the Lebanese norms NL58. The quality of our product is followed up and monitored, starting with the raw materials until delivery of ready mix concrete.

Our policy depends on respecting the norms and the services provided to our customers.

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