Our Projects


Contributing to the betterment of our neighboring communities in one of our priorities in sustainable development. Therefore, several projects are annually developed in collaboration with neighbouring municipalities. 



Theatfilm: a CSR project based on expressive art therapy

Holcim Lebanon organized in partnership with Mlawan campaign "TheatFilm”, a project that focuses on theatrical and movie making techniques that helps students express themselves and discover their inner capabilities. The project extended over one year and targeted around 100 students, between 12 and 17 years , from 3 schools in Hery, Kefraya and Kfarhazir communities.

Throughout the year, workshops were organized to help students explore a world beyond their immediate surroundings, hence enrich their perspectives. With the support of professionals, movie makers and therapists, students were motivated to talk about their aspirations, dreams and concerns with the aim to enhance their imagination and creativity in a positive and supportive environment. Through the world of art and culture, they were able to develop their stories and reflect them in a script and films.

The outcome of these joint efforts was presented in a play called “Qosass Asamina” (Stories of our names) and 4 short films, in the presence of their parents, school administrates, local officials and international media. The event attracted wide media coverage as it is one of its kind in Lebanon, particularly among public schools.  


Infrastructure Support

A key element in sustainable development is supporting infrastructure building for the betterment of living conditions. In addition to limited economic resources, the neighboring villages and towns suffer from an underdeveloped infrastructure. We highlight our role as a responsible and socially committed company with a series of projects, mostly with respect to water and wastewater networks, maintenance of roads and rehabilitation of buildings.  

Open House

Open house days are organized to employees, families and members of the neighboring communities. Open house represents our commitment to open dialogue and community involvement and demonstrates transparency towards stakeholders. 

During this day, visitors explore the different sections of the plant, the production line starting with extraction of raw materials until packaging of cement. Activities revolve around our engagement to sustainable development in the economic, social and environmental domains.


Safety Days

Safety Days are organized under specific themes with the aim to create a positive mindset around health and safety. The day is dedicated to our employees and their families who take the opportunity to share safety-related awareness activities. Topics like road safety, safety at home and precautions at the workplace including personal protective equipment (PPE) are addressed. The event is one of our many initiatives that reinforce the culture of safety among our stakeholders. 


Summer Activities

Holcim Lebanon supports summer school activities at the public school of Hery. This project falls under our CSR strategy in the focus area of education, aiming to demonstrate our commitment and support towards the surrounding communities. The program is organized by the parents committee at the school and in partnership with local NGOs.


Paper Recycling Program

Corporations produce significant amounts of waste, mainly paper products where 77% of generated paper waste in offices is recyclable. Paper recycling represents a minimum baseline environmental commitment for a responsible company and is a vital component in creating a responsible staff. The paper recycling initiative was created in 2009 with the purpose to instill environmentally friendly practices through the adoption of the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) among our employees.

The program was extended to the local surrounding communities. Since its establishment, the program contributed to recycling over 20 tons of paper and cardboard. The success and sustainability of the program are attributed to the constant efforts and commitment of the staff.