Volunteering at Holcim


Corporate volunteering, a vital part of our commitment to CSR, contributes to our community engagement. The program aims to mobilize employees to be engaged in serving local communities and provides the opportunity to make a difference in a cause they care about. 

We believe that volunteering for a good cause is in line with the Group values and with our commitment to sustainable development. As such, we encourage and support our employees and their families to participate in volunteering  initiatives that make a positive impact on the communities we serve. 

Since its inception, the program engaged more than 200 employees and family members who dedicated thousands of hours in serving others. Organized by the employees themselves and in partnership with local organizations and institutions, activities target environmental, social and development causes.


Below is a glimpse of some of our activities. 

Days out with SOS Children's village

Days out organized with children of SOS village in Kfarhay are opportunities for our employees and their families to spend quality time with the children of SOS and their mothers. 

Our volunteers share a unique and rewarding experience during these days and form a special bond with the SOS family.


Supporting Reforestation Initiatives

Holcim Lebanon started a partnership in 2013 with the Lebanon Reforestation Initiative (LRI), a program funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), and implemented by the United States Forest Service (USFS), which aims at restoring Lebanon's native forests. 

Under the umbrella of LRI, Holcim Lebanon partnered with local municipalities and non-governmental organizations to support reforestation days in Hadchit and Ehden. More than 1000 seedlings were planted to support the expansion of green areas and to create safe bio-corridors for wildlife in North of Lebanon. 

Holcim Lebanon is proud of this collaboration as it exemplifies successful public private partnership, a key factor to ensure sustainable reforestation in Lebanon.