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The Human Resources Department has several functions to ensure an effective recruitment process and career development to its employees.

  • Recruitment and Planning
    • Equal work opportunities
    • Identification of competencies
    • An induction program to ensure a smooth start for our recruits.  



  • Training and Development
    • A proactive management of resources through identifying training needs.
    • Performance evaluation and progress measurement through a formal tool called Dialogue.
    • Career management and succession planning are essential to long term management of our human resources. 



  • Compensation
    • A transparent and equitable compensation policy.
    • Recognizing individual achievements as equal as group results.
    • Leader in our environment through the social benefits offered to our staff. 



  • Organizational Development and Internal Communiation 
    • Sharing our values and respecting our code of conduct.
    • Maintaining a culture of leadership and team spirit.
    • Knowledge sharing practices as the foundations for a learning organization.



Internship opportunities

Through its partnerships with universities and technical schools, Holcim Lebanon encourages students in all educational fields to apply for internship so they would better understand the work environment.

Each year, the HR department welcomes interns to work within all departments and facilitates their skills development and knowledge acquisition through following a well developed internship program. Individual and group final year projects are also accepted and encouraged through all the departments.



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