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Grey Cement

Holcim Lebanon has state-of-the art manufacturing equipment and control to produce a full range of cement products. Our range of products available in bag and bulk, consists of:

PA-L 42.5 bag

PA-L 42.5 bulk

P 42.5 RMS BTNa

C-S 42.5 ChB

White Cement

Holcim Lebanon's subsidiary "Société Libanaise des Ciments Blancs" (SLCB) produces white cement in bags and in bulk. SLCB is the only white cement production facility in Lebanon.



Mastereen is a masonry product that meets the needs of masons in the local market by making the application of mortar much easier and faster than general use cement. It provides excellent workability, high bond strength and reduced cracking. Compared to regular cement, Mastereen ensures 8 to 12 more area coverage as well as a 7 to 11 time saving.  



Cement Sales Manager

Patrick Tager