Partnering for biodiversity

Biodiversity management, a critical element in sustainable development, is embedded in Holcim Lebanon's strategy. Under the umbrella of the global partnership between Holcim and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Holcim Lebanon partnered with the Regional Office of IUCN in West Asia to implement several biodiversity projects. 

Holcim Lebanon is engaged in three pioneering initiatives, which strengthen our position as pioneers in the sustainability commitment in the industrial sector in Lebanon. 

Pre-biodiversity Assessment Survey

A biodiversity assessment survey was conducted prior to excavation activities on a quarry site. The purpose of the survey is to pre-assess biodiversity values of the site in order to identify the best rehabilitation process to adopt in the future. The assessment covered different taxonomic groups, mainly plants, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians and resulted in a series of recommendations for future rehabilitation. 

The concept of pre-assessment is a first in the region and adds a new value to the rehabilitation approach by suggesting pre-biodiversity assessment that provides solid baseline information used as a reference for future rehabilitation activities.

An Orchid Sanctuary

Over a span of 2 years, 2 cycles of biodiversity assessment were carried out on one of Holcim sites in order to record a variety of floral species that inhabit the area. Findings showed that the studied hill is a haven for 15 types of orchids species (out of 86 taxa), the equivalent to 17.5% of the national diversity of orchids.

The project follows a promising approach through identifying a hotspot that features an exceptional concentration of orchid species, many of them experiencing habitat loss. Therefore, Holcim Lebanon aims to dedicate the site to be a  protected area for orchids to ensure their survival and progress.