Environmental Performance


Cement manufacturing is a resource and energy intensive process. 
Eco-efficiency is achieved with the objective to produce cement while continually minimizing the environmental impacts and optimizing resource utilization. 

We aim to continuously improve our environmental performance. Therefore, we follow coherent monitoring and reporting techniques. We monitor our progress through implementing management systems. 

An adapted organization
In order to ensure system functioning, Holcim Lebanon has clearly identified the roles and responsibilities of all functions towards the environment. 

Staff awareness
Internal awareness related to environmental performance is essential to ensure internal engagement in the policy. As such, a yearly awareness program is organized to ensure people acquire relevant knowledge and awareness levels. 

The environment policy is based on four main principles:
- Management system
- Resource utilization
- Reducing environmental impact
- Relation with stakeholders


Environmental management system (EMS)
The environmental management system is in place in conformity with ISO. Holcim Lebanon has been certified ISO 140001:2004 since 2004 and this system supports the activities of the organization towards the environment.

Environmental management plan
This plan includes all actions and investments that are done to continually improve the EMS and reduce the environmental impacts of our operations. This plan is annually updated and validated by the committee of directors.

Environmental indicators 
A set of indicators is regularly monitored and used to measure the different impacts on the environment. These indicators are essential tools to track environmental progress and achieve objectives. Main indicators address atmospheric emissions, energy consumption, water and others. Holcim Lebanon regularly communicates environmental indicators and shares challenges with stakeholders.