Quarry Rehabilitation Project in Chekka

Holcim Lebanon embarked on a project to restore a quarry site of 132,000 m2 located in Chekka. Under the guidance of renowned experts in the field of quarry rehabilitation and ecosystem management, the project aims to improve the site conditions through reducing soil erosion, safeguarding local species and boosting vegetation cover. The project, designed in consultation with local stakeholders, has been endorsed by the local authorities, a key factor to its success.

The quarry rehabilitation project exemplifies Holcim’s commitment to sustainability and focus on strategic initiatives that make a significant contribution to nature and society. In this respect, the Holcim team have been engaged in restoring an area of 132,000 m2 in Chekka to boost biodiversity and restore vegetation cover. More than 3000 vegetation and evergreen shrubs are planted on site. Species such as olive, oak, thyme and carob, as well as fruit trees like avocado, pistacia, grape, fig and guava reflect traditional and endemic species of the surrounding environment. Landscape engineering works preceding the plantation phase, prepared the groundwork to support water, created terraces and water ponds and dedicated zones for the different species.

The project follows a combination of an ecological restoration approach aiming to accelerate the natural regeneration of the ecosystem and a reconstitution of areas to increase the vegetation cover, hence create a safe habitat for threatened endemic flora and fauna species.

It is our responsibility to restore the quarries we operate. Our commitment is key to our responsibility towards the neighborhood and is translated into projects that reintegrate the exhausted parts of our quarries into the natural surroundings